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Policies & Procedures

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Online registration for Art, Craft, and Sewing Classes, Workshops, and Events is preferred; we accept Paypal for online payment. Please use the registration link associated with the Class, Workshop, or Event.

Online registration for the session will close when the Class, Workshop, or Event is full or the session has begun.

Students may also be registered in person at the Studio or via email message to We accept Visa, MasterCard, and personal check at the Studio. Tuition payment in full is the only guarantee of securing a spot in a Class, Workshop, or Event.

Questions regarding registration for a class after the session has begun should be directed to Pending available space and Teacher discretion, a student may join a Class already in session with prorated tuition.

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Refund, Withdrawals, and Cancellations

Refunds of full tuition payment will be made only in the case that the Studio must cancel the class due to low enrollment or Teacher unavailability. Refunds will not be made if the student withdraws from the Class, Workshop, or Event after it has begun. Special circumstances in which the student has to discontinue within a session (due to prolonged illness or injury, for example) may request to have their tuition applied as a credit towards a future session within the academic year.

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Referral & Family Member Discounts

Monroe Street Studio offers a 10% tuition discount for additional siblings and/or family members who register for a class, workshop, or event within the same session. The discount is not available online but will be provided once the session begins.

Monroe Street Studio offers a 10% tuition discount on a future class to a student who refers a new student to Monroe Street Studio. The discount is not available online but will be provided once the session begins.

Monroe Street Studio offers a 15% tuition discount for a student who brings enough other students to form their own new class in a session.  The discount is not available online but will be provided once the session begins.

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Inclement Weather

In the case of inclement weather, Monroe Street Studio will make a determination regarding a building closure no later than one hour before the class, workshop, or event begins. Attempts will be made to contact student families via email and notices will be posted on our Facebook page.

Weather closures MAY follow FCPS and/or government closures, but are not guaranteed.

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Student Illness

To maintain a healthy and safe environment, if a student (or accompanying parent or family member) is ill, please do not have them come to the Studio. Fever, chills, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, pink eye, rashes, lice, and excessive coughing, sneezing, or runny nose can all be symptoms of contagious illness that can spread rapidly to other people within confined spaces. If a student or family member is too unwell to attend school or work, please keep them away from the Studio until they are feeling better. The Studio would appreciate knowing that a student will need to miss class via email to

If a minor student becomes ill during a class, workshop, or event, their parent/emergency contact will be contacted by the Teacher or Staff member to come and get the student immediately.

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Food & Drink

All food and drink that comes into the Studio must remain in the Kitchen/Lounge area. This applies to all Students, Parents, siblings, and other visitors to the Studio for Classes, Workshops, and Events, including parties.


The Studio has a no nuts policy due to severe allergy. Under no circumstances should food or open beverage containers be brought to the second floor into the Sewing & Fiber Arts or Glass Art spaces.


Students may bring a snack (again, no nuts, please) and drink to eat during the short break in their Class or Workshop. Students may choose to bring a more substantial meal if they are taking two consecutive classes. There is a refrigerator available, also a microwave for adult-supervised use.

Adult Students and Parents are welcome to complimentary coffee or tea in the Kitchen/Lounge.

Child students are permitted a small snack from the Studio to be offered by and at the discretion of Studio Teachers and Staff during a break. Child Students are expected to refrain from rummaging through the Kitchen/Lounge area in search of snacks for their consumption.

Hosts of special events such as birthday parties or other celebratory gatherings bring their own food (no nuts, please) and drink to serve to their guests.

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Student Conduct

We request that students arrive for and depart in a timely manner for their Class, Workshop, or Event.

We welcome students to bring their creativity, effort, open mind, and positive attitude to class.

We expect that students come with the maturity to listen to and follow all safety rules and procedures from their Teachers and Staff while at the Studio.

We trust students to demonstrate respect for and responsibility towards themselves, their classmates, their Teachers and Staff, the Art in progress, and all the equipment, tools, and materials within the Studio. Monroe Street Studio is a learning space, a work space, a creative space for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to come together.

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